Do you want more location leads for your Vending Machine Business?

If the answer is yes, please read on. We are vending machine owner operators ourselves, and we understand the few important aspects that will help you grow your vending machine business, and ultimately earn more money! So, if you are asking yourself how do I grow my vending machine business, how do I make more money in my vending machine business, or how do I get more locations for my vending machine business, then you’ve come to the right place. We will do our best here to answer those questions.

Vending Machine Website

Do you have a vending machine business website?

Having a good website for your business is essential for success. But, do you know why? Because it will get you sales without you knocking doors and sending expensive fliers. We live in the age where everyone searches Google when they have a need. Don’t let your competitors scoop up the easy leads because you skimped and didn’t have a good website. We’ll show you the IMPORTANT elements you need on your website that many often skip or don’t realize they need. We don’t promote having a website, just because everyone else has a website.

I just started a vending machine business, now what?

Congratulations! You’ve just started a vending machine business, and you are doing the best you can so you can earn a living for your family. We are owner operators ourselves, and we understand that the vending machine business is not rocket science. I also understand that you as the business owner know your business well. But, I challenge you to let us help you in a few small ways that can make big impacts for your profit. Ultimately, we’ll help you make more money!

Start Vending Machine Business

How do I get to the next level of my vending machine business? I need to GROW!

Are you nearing retirement? Don’t just sit on the sidelines and leave you and your spouse’s future and fate to the economy, stock market mutual funds, index funds or whatever investment that financial planners give nowadays. Don’t blame the government for the economy. That doesn’t produce any result! 

Our advice: Invest in your OWN business, that you have control over. A Vending Machine business is inflation and recession proof. Join our community and we’ll explain more why.

CONTACT US TODAY for a FREE 15-minute Coaching Sesssion!

Start a Vending Machine Business

Second Career

Are you nearing retirement? Don’t just sit on the sidelines and leave you and your spouse’s future and fate to the economy, stock market mutual funds, index funds or whatever investment that financial planners give nowadays. Don’t blame the government for the economy. That doesn’t produce any result! 

Our advice: Invest in your OWN business, that you have control over. A Vending Machine business is inflation and recession proof. Join our community and we’ll explain more why.

Make this a REALITY! Start your Vending Machine Business TODAY!

A vending machine business can bring in an average of $500 per month per machine, and sometimes even up to $1,000. It just depends on where your machine is located. However, if we go with the conservative number of achieving $500 per machine, that’s $1,500 per month if you own and operate 3 machines! Not bad for a side hustle or part time job when you only need 3-4 hours a week!

Now imagine this, grow your business to 20 machines bringing in $500 per month. That’s $10,000 per month!

Do you see how the math works on this?

Starting a Vending Machine Business is NOT for everyone, though it is something ANYONE can do!

We understand the challenges on how to start a vending business.

We understand trying to start a business can get lonely and you NEED the support of peers who are doing the same thing. 

You need to be part of a community where we are all like-minded and trying to change our family’s future. We can encourage one another when you’re having one of THOSE days.

As unique and individual human beings we all have different skill sets, and we come together to share knowledge, encourage and bring value to each other, we can achieve amazing goals!

What kind of Vending Machine Business Should I Start? 

There are several strategies out there on vending machine businesses. When you search Google you’ll probably find find a dozen. However, we’ll help you to focus your business in the beginning on one strategy, because of one important factor, and that is DIFFERENTIATION. 

Healthy Vending Machine Business

We believe you should focus your business on starting a healthy vending machine business, because people care more about health and wellness than ever before. People are tired of eating only junk food and companies are coming up with health initiatives. It’s the perfect time to not only make a difference in your community by promoting healthier products, snacks, drinks and food but also to earn a living. The future generations care about making a difference in the world, in the local community in their health. It’s time to catch the wave of this revolution and displace the old looking and junk food only vending machines.

Do you have a story to tell about why you believe in eating healthier? Do you want to make difference? 

Now is your time to help!

A typical candy bar has 20 to 25 grams of sugar. There are SO MANY studies that show the adverse effects of how refined sugar hurts our bodies. It doesn’t matter if you think you have a good metabolism, or that you are not overweight or that you are still young. Too much sugar causes inflammation, decreases immune system, causes ups and downs in our daily energy and increases chances of weight gain. The list is a lot longer because we didn’t even get to long term diseases like diabetes, cancer and heat diseases! 

I don’t have to build the case as it is now common knowledge and belief, so why not offer snacks that are lower in sugar and still taste great! There are so many options nowadays that we can start bringing to office workers that the current vending industry is just not reacting fast enough. The opportunity is NOW.

Once you get in the door and build your foundation on the Healthy Vending Business we will show you how to grow to the next level with the other strategies, but FIRST you need to START, get in the door and build your foundation.

Don’t Listen to the naysayers! We are going to bust these MYTHS about Starting a Vending Machine Business!!!

MYTH 1: Running a Vending Machine Business is TOO hard!

Sure, it is work. But, everything takes work. No one is going to just hand you money. If you’re worried about this it’s time for you to change your mindset for the positive! However, on the flip side, it is important to do some self introspection. Are you the type that likes to just sit? Or does it bring you joy to be out moving around? I personally don’t like just sitting at a desk all day. I like getting out, I like moving stuff, it’s great for physical fitness! I personally don’t think it is so much harder than any other business. I think it’s a lot easier than a lot of other businesses.

MYTH 2: There are too many machines already out there!

Sure, there are a lot of machines out there, but I CONSTANTLY see old machines with bad reputations. It’s YOUR time to go and replace those. Get those lazy operators OUT! Put in your machine, raise the prices and serve them well! People would rather spend more money on a snack machine if it actually works versus a machine with cheap prices that eats your money and has only expired product.

MYTH 3: Do snacks really make that much money?

YES, when you consider the volume. The more machines you deploy, the more money you can earn.

MYTH 4: Each vending machine doesn’t bring in enough money.

There are ways to increase sales per location. That is the KEY! We will teach you how to increase sales per LOCATION. Don’t just think about the machine, think about the location.

MYTH 5: All good locations are taken!

This is NOT true, there are still a lot of locations available. There are also a lot of locations with bad service providers. By following our plan, you’ll be able to get untapped locations, and take over locations that have existing vendors. Nothing in life is a guarantee, but if you hang out with others building the same dream you will SUCCEED. Look, if you have money to invest the stock market is not a guarantee either!

“Show me your friends and I’ll show you your future.” – Mark Ambrose

Spend time with us in the community and let’s build our future together!


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Inflation Proof: Start a Healthy Vending Business!

Our economy is VERY uncertain when you watch the news. Our country’s debt continues to increase, the job market is often difficult to navigate. Are we going to have a market correction like we’ve never seen before? Will it be a recession worse than anything we’ve seen in decades?

If inflation comes what is your plan?

Do you have a nest egg? Where is it? Do you have cash sitting in a savings account? Did you know that if you just leave your cash in a savings account it will lose value? Inflation means that the buying power of your cash will decrease, your $100 will not be worth as much anymore. You’ll start to see that hard earned money start to slowly disappear just sitting in a savings account. It’s like having a leak in your car’s gas tank. You say to yourself, but I just filled up. 

Well if I can’t put my cash in a savings account what should I do with it? Buy stocks? Index funds? Short a few stocks? Buy crypto? WHAT? This sounds like an easy decision, but if you have a big nest egg this is actually a difficult question to answer. What are you going to do if stocks go down? You might think they are value stocks. But, what if our recession lasts 5 years, 10 years or 15 years! Can you wait that long for the values to come back? Did you know that our current stock market is in a bubble?

If you own real estate and bought at lower values, you’re actually in a good spot with that. Just make sure you have a way to bring in cash and you are not over leveraged in the worse case you lose renters in a bad economy.

Should I buy gold? Probably not bad idea, but I don’t think I’m ready to put it all in gold.

What else is there to do?

Create a business that generates future value cash!!!!!

A vending machine business, in fact a healthy vending machine business is recession proof. People will always need to eat. People will always need to work and be at an office. This will not change. When price of food increases you can increase your prices. So, in fact the money that you bought your machines at today, will help you fund the future value cash you will need to earn in the future.

Do you see how inflation can’t touch you? We’ll spend more time later to give a better example and analogy to help drive this concept home.

ACT NOW! Buy your machines while prices are still low.

The final one is to invest in yourself. Invest in your own skills.

When you start a vending machine business you will be investing in yourself, because you will learn how to operate your own business. You will learn skills that are transferable to any business. 


How can I help you Start a Vending Machine Business?

When we are in a community we can ask each other the below questions. When we need help we should reach out, and when you’re in a place to help, reach out and HELP!
  • What’s holding you back?
  • What are you struggling with?
  • What are you working on these days?
  • What’s frustrating you about trying to start a vending machine business right now?
  • Tell me where I can help you?
  • Do you need any support?

What is “your” personal situation? Why are you thinking about starting a Vending Machine Business?

Worried about losing your job because of company cutbacks or re-structuring?

Looking for a recession proof investment?

You’ve heard that you should work on  acquiring passive income or recurring revenue?

You or your spouse need to earn extra money and one of you is thinking about getting a part time job?

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