Drive UBER & LYFT or Start a Healthy Vending Business?

Driving for UBER and LYFT is an excellent side hustle where you can make quick cash. And, that is absolutely important and a wonderful idea. By quick cash, I mean you can earn money that same day by picking up a ride. 

But, if you would allow me to provide ONE idea.

Generating a steady “cashflow” is important, which means every month you earn a certain amount of cash that supports your expenses like food, cell phone, gas and housing.

However, what you want to do is get in a mode where you add “assets” to your personal portfolio. You might wonder… what does that mean to add an asset to my personal portfolio.

It means that you want to have “something” that generates income, is worth something in the future, and still retains its value regardless if you are around or not.

An asset can generate income (i.e. cashflow), increase in value in the future (i.e. you can sell it and earn money) and have tax benefits.

The IRS rewards investors. The IRS rewards people that start their own business.

SO… I say this to conclude that “stop just trading your time for money”. Build an Asset that has long term benefits. Think beyond the quick cash. But, I totally understand we need the cash to live on day to day. 

I would encourage you to save a portion of cash you make from UBER and LYFT and use that money to invest in a business. 

Invest in a Vending Machine Business. 

Invest in a Healthy Vending Machine Business.

Since you are driving around town anyway, you will notice buildings that have a lot of cars in the parking lot.

Take 10 minutes and run on inside and make a 10 minute pitch. We’ll show you how to effectively do this without seeming like a used car salesman.

Driving around town gives you the advantage of being out and about. 

You might as well kill two birds with one stone.

Drive and earn money.

And, start building your future.

Start building your vending machine empire.

These machines will work for you while you’re not there.

They will be like your little auto sales attendants collecting cash and credit card payments!

Make a vending machine fill, and at the same time pick up some rides!

These vending machines will be YOURS, no one else’s.

You’ll have your own captive audience of customers without the overhead of a traditional brick and mortar store.

The vending machine is just the beginning.

We’ll teach you how to grow from there, and how to earn MORE money per location.

Drive UBER & LYFT or Start a Healthy Vending Business?
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