Build Your Vending Machine Business Website and Optimize for SEO so you rank high on page 1

What I did to optimize my Vending Machine Business Website!

Started a vending machine business? I thought of sharing this information because I keep forgetting myself each time I create a website of a few steps I need to make in order to release it into the WILD WILD WEB… haha. Bad joke. But, it’s important that if you start a vending machine business that you create a web presence.

Okay, let’s get serious.

Step 1: Pick Your Domain Name

Think of a domain name and register one. You can test out your domain name on GoDaddy’s website to see if someone else has taken it. It’s always amusing to see how people do web domain speculating and buy up domain names that are not even used in hopes of someone paying them extra to buy their domain name, but NEVER do that. It’s not worth the money, because a standard domain is usually less than $20-$30.

Step 2:

Choose your web host provider. I personally chose Hostinger, because they are really easy to use, reasonable price and had really good reviews.

Step 3:

Build your website

Step 4:

If you build a WordPress site make sure the ping option is enabled. It usually is by default. Also make sure that your web host is not set to maintenance mode.

Step 5:

Now it’s time to get to work. Register with Google Search Console and Google Analytics and Google My Business. And check these regularly while updating and optimizing your website content to see if it improves your ranking.

Please take a look at the website below as an example of a vending machine operator website

You need the following elements on your website.

  1. Easy way to contact you. This can be done with a form, contact button and phone number that is clear.
  2. Explain Your Benefits Soon on the Page
    • FREE Placement: Most vending machine companies offer free placement.

Build Your Vending Machine Business Website and Optimize for SEO so you rank high on page 1

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