Soda Can Vending Machine

Soda Can Vending Machine – What do you think about getting into these?

Are you looking for a soda can vending machine for your vending business? What I am referring to is a very large machine that just dispenses soda cans. Sometimes they are even branded Coke machines or Pepsi machines. Beverage vending is a good way to make extra income. You’ve seen these outside of Walmarts or at the pool or public places. These cold drink machines are usually found in large industrial settings or outdoors. One nice thing about a soda can vending machine is that they usually don’t hold a lot of different types of sodas (different selections), but they hold a lot of each type. So, it means you don’t have to go and refill them as often. However, we would suggest placing a snack machine next to a soda can vending machine so you can target different type of products. The vending industry is ripe for growth. Read more and contact us so we can help you accelerate your vending machine company. 

What brand of soda machines are available?

We ONLY suggest buying soda can vending machines that are made in the USA.
I personally like the ones made by Crane and Dixie Narco. These soda machines are very nice and standard. So people are used to seeing these dispense cans of soda or cans of pop. Who doesn’t want a cold beverage?
Some drink machines are covered completely and a glass front machine looks nice because you can see all of the product inside.

Would you buy a used one?

Let’s talk about machine purchase. I think you can buy a used one, but if you don’t have to I wouldn’t suggest doing that until you have a good grasp of the business. Depending on how much time you have to spend in the beginning you don’t want to be weighed down if the machine has problems when you are in the middle of trying to grow it. You can consider a used one if there is a warranty and support for it. But, I would not just go and buy one on ebay until you are comfortable with how they work. Who wants to change the coin mech or bill acceptor because it’s stuck or broken when you are trying to increase sales. I like brand-new soda machines, but of course the biggest disadvantage of this is the higher upfront investment.

Where would you suggest placing a Soda Can Vending Machine? What is the best location?

The best locations is any places that has a lot of foot traffic. If you place your pop machine at indoor locations or office buildings we suggest that at least 50 to 75 people work there. You can contact the property owner, property manager, office manager, facility manager or HR director of this location that is in charge of the facilities or in charge of employee happiness at work. When considering where to put a soda can vending machine you have to consider your target market. Below are some ideal locations, but really use your imagination and be observant. When you see a parking lot full of cars, when you see an area that gets a lot of foot traffic or high-traffic locations, that is where you can consider a soda can vending machine. Also, the best places to put the machine is somewhere with easy access.
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Distribution Centers
  • Pools
  • Bus or Train Stations
  • Shopping malls, outlet malls and shopping centers
  • Collision Centers
  • Office Buildings
  • Any kind of car repair place

Types of Product and Types of Drinks & Beverages

Make sure your machine can handle different sizes. The size of the can is 12oz cans vs. the 16.90z, 20oz bottle or even 24oz bottles. So you have to be careful what sizes the drink machine can handle, usually you can swap out inserts to handle different sizes and drink shapes.
In our drink machine Red Bull, 12oz Cans and Starbucks Coffee cans require different ways to load because they are different. One thing you have to prepare yourself mentally is loading a vending machine has a method to the madness. You don’t just throw stuff into it and hope it vends. We’ll teach you how all that works in our community.

  • Energy Drinks 
  • Sodas
  • Can Coffee (Starbucks)
People also love diet coke, coke zero and other low calorie or low sugar drinks.

Business Blueprint – Our Recommendations 

We will recommend a few soda can machines in the future. One thing to make sure is that if you do buy one, check if you can put a credit card reader on it, and that you unify on the one you are already using now so that you don’t have different readers trying to manage them on one software tracking platform. But, I personally believe that offering your customers cashless payment is a MUST. 

However, if you are just starting out in your vending machine business, we might suggest you start with a combo snack and drink machine to maximize your sales per location. Then when you have secured several locations under your belt you expand into a soda can vending machine. 

Although the vending machine business is a niche industry on its own, there are so many different ways to go and different strategies people claim success in the vending machine industry. We’ll teach you how to stick with one, don’t spread yourself thin on learning too many different types of machines but to standardize on one at first, and when you become an expert and feel comfortable with that one to move on to the next. I’ve been holding off on an ice cream vending machine! That just looks awesome especially during the summer, because who doesn’t like a sweet cold treat?

We suggest going with the strategy of selling healthy snacks and healthy drinks by starting a healthy vending machine business. This does not mean that is all you sell, but it is a good way to start a conversation with a potential location, because you have a means of differentiating your services with other vending machine operators or if they even have a machine already placed there.

Don’t download those complex business plans that you find on the internet. The business plan for a vending machine business is actually quite simple. We help you with the easiest way. We teach our students to target $500 profit per location per month, keep your costs low, keep your investment low, give EXCELLENT customer service, go the extra mile to build relationships and a reputation, and that is all you need to do. 

What we do instead of using the complex word of business plan is to provide you with an easy to follow blueprint that is step by step on doing what part of the process at what time so you maximize efficiency. A lot of beginners will spend time on parts of the business that are not that necessary.

We love talking about small businesses because we are the backbone in the United States. But, so many small businesses fail the first year of starting, because business owners are alone. Don’t go at it alone. Keep in mind that when you deploy your machines they are working for you when you aren’t there. They are like your automatic sales agents just selling your product for you.

Hold the highest standards. 

Connect with us! Join our Community! and we’ll teach you a great way to start earning Passive Income! 

Soda Can Vending Machine
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