Great Vending Machine for Business Owners

One Vending Machine for Business Locations with at Least 50 People

One great choice of a vending machine for business owners are combo machines. So what is a combo machine? A combo machine is one machine that vends both drinks and snacks. If you notice most vending machines for business use is often one or the other. You’ll see some machines that vend drinks only, which is basically like a refrigerator. Snack machines are more basic in construction because they don’t need the refrigeration system.

Save on Space with a Combo Vending Machine

I prefer combo machines because I like to target office building break rooms, and these are usually smaller so you don’t have space to put both a drink and snack machine. 

Save Money on buying 1 machine instead of 2

  • Two Machines are often more expensive than one, so if you have to buy a snack machine and a drink machine you will have to spend more money for that location.
  • If your location is small (i.e. 50 to 75 people only) it can be expensive in inventory and keeping product from expiring. It is NOT a good idea to not use all the coils in your machine, but if you have to fill the entire snack and drink machine it can get expensive.
One quick tip we do is not to put more than 4 or 5 deep of a particular product if the location is small. We come service our machines 1 time a week or every 1.5 weeks. It’s better to plan on going more frequent so the location gets to know you, and you can keep an eye on your machine. That’s what it takes to offer EXCELLENT service. Change your mindset, do better than the other vendor.


Great Vending Machine for Business Owners
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