How Much Is a Good Vending Machine

How much is a good vending machine?

You are probably wondering how much it costs to buy a vending machine because you are trying to evaluate whether or not you want to start a vending machine business. Perhaps you’ve seen some ad that talks about healthy vending or companies advertising people that want to start a franchise. So, if you are asking yourself how much is a good vending machine? The answer would be it depends. 

A used machine can cost as low as $1,500 or $1,750 to buy on the internet. But, if you want to buy a good vending machine that is used, it would be a good idea to have some level of confidence in making repairs if you need to. Whenever you are starting a new business there are so many other variables to deal with, it would be better not to add a potential problem that can be avoided. When you first start a business you want to gain good momentum and a good experience, so I would recommend going with a new machine at first. Learn how it works and how it should behave, then when you feel more comfortable you can consider getting a used machine.

A new machine will probably average $5,500 to $6,500 to buy on the internet.

Simple Math. No Fancy Business Plan Needed

If we do some simple math, you must earn in profit $500 per month to pay off your initial investment. That is not too much to ask, because every year after that is MONEY in your pocket, and not just any money PASSIVE INCOME (well mostly passive) but to be fair there s really no such thing as true Passive income. Even with buying stocks you have to monitor their performance, and given the recession and all the economic turmoil we have seen, I would rather invest in a business that I control, that I can expand, that I can build, and if needed that I can hold stable without growing. It’s all your choice. You don’t have to lose your lifesavings because some CEO who gets paid a bajillion dollars who you have never met made some bad decisions.

Don’t Invest in Over Priced Healthy Vending Machine Pretend like Franchises

Please don’t invest in high priced machines sold by these companies claiming to be better than a franchise because you don’t pay fees. If you had to pay someone a fee to run a vending machine business, I would run.

You can get the support you need from our community here. Don’t over spend.

Did we answer how much is a good vending machine cost? Or, how much does a good vending machine cost?

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How Much Is a Good Vending Machine
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